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Is Dyslexia a Disability

Dyslexia is a developmental learning delay that makes it difficult for one to read and understand written language. Problems associated with dyslexia include difficulties with speaking, spelling, writing, and memorizing knowledge.

The biggest question is, ‘Is dyslexia a disability?’ The wide variety of linguistic hindrances manifests as difficulty in being able to interpret symbols in the proper format, under the right amount of time.

Signs of dyslexia

  • Lateness in establishing good use of the dominant hand
  • Delayed development of speech
  • Difficulty cramming phone numbers, the alphabet or a physical address
  • Difficulty in learning cursive writing
  • Problems with spelling
  • Inaccurate reading

Is dyslexia a disability?

The condition does not rule out the possibility to live a successful life. Most people will adapt to methods that compensate for all other limitations. Dyslexia does not prevent one from utilizing any body part; hence, it is not considered a severe impairment.

Additionally, people with the condition do not experience any hindrance while seeking employment. Several dyslexic people grew to become historical figures with notable career achievements.

Is dyslexia a social security disability?

Historically, the Social Security Administration did not consider the condition to be disabling. The specific explanation was that dyslexia was not severe enough to fit in the Blue Book guideline. The administration revised the statement in 2017, with its addition to the Blue Book listing. There are, however, a couple of guidelines defining how dyslexia becomes valid for compensation.

How does SSA quantify the disability?

Moderate or severe dyslexia will qualify for social security benefits if one experiences limitation with the following activities:

  • Understanding and applying information such as instruction, questions, and provided explanations
  • Social interactions free of strain, sensitivity or irritability
  • Concentration on tasks and maintenance of the proper pace of execution from the beginning to the end
  • Managing emotions and controlling behavior to minimize risks and possible development of risks

They will otherwise use other criteria to substantiate the seriousness of the condition if you do not meet the requirements of the defined list. You have to prove that dyslexia is the reason you cannot perform work.  

The condition would have been severe enough to prevent you from performing unskilled work. The SSA administration will require documents of an adult candidate, to prove the inability of performing tasks like dishwashing and simple writing.

How can you prove your case?

National Disability Benefits has an evaluation process that will quantify your eligibility for benefits before proceeding with the claim. You also have to provide medical reports from a doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. A competent report will include the Residual Functional Capacity form.

The form will outline the limitations caused by the condition. The doctor will evaluate the ability to stand, sit, walk, stoop, and all other simple body movements. They will discuss simple instructions to evaluate mental impairment.

Are children eligible for benefits?

The SSD will grant benefits when the child meets the conditions of a neurodevelopmental disorder. Cases of children require competent representation to stand a chance before the judge. The awarded benefits will be a Supplemental Security Income, with the exclusion of the Social Security Disability Insurance.

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Is Dyslexia a Disability

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